Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our new lantern lighting has arrived!

Our new design lantern lighting  has just arrived, and we love it!  Its our first all-weather design lantern light, and suitable for any event, any time!

Warm white globe light - lanternshop.com.au

Warm white globe lights

Warm white globe light

Warm white lantern lighting, suitable for all of our lanterns (20cm and larger), and great to use in our huge 90cm paper lanterns too as its very bright!

cherry blossom paper lantern illuminated with warm white globe light

Illuminated Chinese gold peony flower lanterns

Portable, battery operated festoon style bulbs for our paper lanterns, Chinese lanterns, nylon lanterns, silk lanterns, vinyl lanterns, lace lanterns and organza lanterns.   Lantern lighting for weddings, parties, special events, garden parties - any occasion!

Illuminated Luxury Diamond Silk lanterns

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Party Inspiration with our lucky cat Chinese decorations!

Our stunning lucky Chinese gold cat decorations in action!   Planning a dinner party, Chinese banquet or serving finger foods at your next event?   Here's a little inspiration for you!

Lucky Chinese Gold Cat decoration

Lucky Chinese Gold Cat

Thanks to our lovely customer Esta for sending us these pictures from her engagement party event!  Our lucky gold cats look amazing as table decorations, and the food looks pretty delicious too!

Lucky cats are also popular decorations for Chinese New Year celebrations and special events, and look great when teamed with our Chinese lanterns.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Floating Lotus flower candles for summer events!

Beautiful lotus flower candles - stunning decorations for pools, ponds, gardens or tables.

Illuminated floating lotus flowers with candles

Illuminated floating lotus flowers with candles

From the soft and pretty ivory/cream, to the bright colours will add atmosphere to your wedding or party.

Orange floating lotus flower with candle

Red floating lotus flower with candle

Floating lotus flowers with candles

These floating lotus flowers are popular for both daytime and evening events and are great for summertime Hawaiian party themes.

Popular decorations for Diwali and Chinese New Year festivals.  Team with our other lotus decorations for your next event!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kids party inspiration - Paper lantern unicorns!

Wow!  Here's a cute idea for baby showers, kids parties or childrens events!  Pretty party decorations made from paper lanterns!

Images from Pinterest (app.letgo.com)

Fun, economical DIY unicorn decorations made with plain paper lanterns, boxes, paper flowers, napkins, ribbons, pom poms, paper and party hats or cardboard- easy!

We have over 30 colours in our paper lantern range - a colour to suit every party theme!

Happy crafting with paper lanterns!  A great idea for school holidays!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beautiful new design silk lanterns have arrived!

New lantern designs have just arrived at Lanternshop.com.au.   Be the first in Australia to have these beautiful silk lanterns at your next event!
Illuminated yellow diamond silk lantern

Diamond silk lantern colour range

Diamond silk lantern colours

Red diamond silk lantern

Exquisite, luxury silk lanterns for special events.  Intricate and detailed decorations for elegant events, festivals and home decoration.   Available in 5 vibrant colours - popular lanterns for Diwali and Asian festivals, Chinese New Year, Bollywood theme - any occasion!
Diamond silk lanterns hung in columns

Diamond shaped silk lantern printed with gold decoration (stars and damask swirls).   Gold trims with colour-co-ordinated shaped braided tassels.  These lanterns can also be hung underneath each other in columns.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lucky Gold Cat Chinese Wall decorations

Attract wealth, prosperity and good luck to your home or business with these lucky Chinese waving cat wall decorations!

Vibrant red velvet with shiny metallic gold waving cat and brightly coloured glitter decoration.

Also popular as Chinese New Year decorations or festival decorations.

Team with our other lucky cat decorations for your next event!

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