Monday, March 7, 2011

Cherryblossom Lantern - Wednesday Discount

I love cherry blossom everything!! Over the years I have sourced some stunning items for my customers (and myself) in this design! I have even named myself after this stunning flower in my Chinese name - Ying Hua 樱花, and after many hours of practice, I can write it too! :-)

So, I'm very excited that this week's Wednesday Discount item is my favourite centrepiece lantern in the cherryblossom print. This lantern has been very popular recently for weddings and parties, and I think it will also be a big seller for autumn too, as the flower colours are red and coffee/beige.

The perfect paper lantern for daytime parties, and also for evening parties as they have the LED globe inside! Sit them flat on your tables as centrepieces, or hang in the trees from the hook at the top! Very versatile.

Plenty in stock at

We deliver anywhere in Australia!

New stock update: I'm heading back to Asia in about 6 weeks and have some fabulous new designs ready to look at which will be here in time for Spring wedding and party season! Please keep emailing me your requests of items you are wanting me to import to Thanks!