Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lanterns for Pink Ribbon Day Events

Beautiful Pink Paper Lantern Ideal For Breats Cancer Charity Events
Magenta Paper Lantern
Ideal For Breast Cancer Charity Events, Pink Paper Lantern.
Pink Paper Lantern

Planing a fundraiser in October for any of the Breast Cancer charity events??

We are offering 20% discount on these pink lantern packs - available in 35cm and 50cm size lanterns to help you decorate!

6 x 35cm pink lanterns - fold flat after use so you can re-use for multiple parties!

Goods sent from Brisbane the day after we receive your order! Plenty of stock available. Visit us at Lanternshop.com.au

For more information on Pink Ribbon charity events, visit www.pinkribbonday.com.au