Sunday, October 23, 2011

House & Garden Magazine Feature

Hello friends, as promised, here's the picture of our beautiful lanterns and organza featured in Australian House & Garden Magazine (November 2011 issue).

Lanterns: 35cm flower lantern, 30cm deluxe pink lantern, 20cm white lantern, 12.5cm white lantern, hung with our organza ribbon (available in decoration section of website). These lanterns have become even more popular since the magazine feature, but don't worry, as we still have plenty in stock, and more coming in the next container (due end of November). These lanterns have been used in high tea parties, birthday parties, weddings and for home decoration!

I'm currently in Hong Kong at the huge trade fair, and have found even more lovely items which will start arriving in the first shipment for 2012!!!

I've picked up some samples in China of the items about to be loaded into the container, which I'll photograph and add to facebook next week when I'm back!!

New items arriving in Brisbane end of November: 6 new colours in the deluxe (lace-look) range, oval shaped lanterns, flower parasols, more colours in the polka dot range, new colours in the paper lantern range - teal and olive/grey, new lighting, feather led strings, starburst lanterns .... and much more!!!

Will update again soon!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Inspiration!

LED Paper Lanterns

I love the colour scheme for this Queensland wedding. 

 It looks like so much fun!! A big thank you to Kylie Q from Brisbane for sending me these pictures of her wedding in a countryside barn, featuring our lovely paper lanterns!

Paper Lanterns
Paper Lantern

Recreate this stunning setting!

Lanterns: mix of 50cm and 35cm round paper lanterns in yellow, magenta and emerald.

Start selecting yor colours now at the paper lantern page.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update from China - New stock details!

I've just gotten back from China - here is the message I was unable to post from Beijing - better late than never!!

Hello friends, and greetings from China. I’m having a great experience and am happy to report that this visit I have also made time for being a tourist - as you can see I’m here at the Great Wall!

I’ve also been working very hard - and have now finalised the next shipment! Production is underway, and the container is due to arrive in Brisbane mid-July! So here’s a sneak peak of whats coming …..

Parasols - We are increasing the range of colours in the nylon parasol range - black, cream/ivory, purple and orange have been added! As we have had many requests for a smaller size nylon parasol, these are coming too in the cream/ivory!
We are also adding party d├ęcor printed paper parasols, parasol cocktail straws and decorations.

Lighting - New led lighting strings (10m and 5m), 8cm mini lanterns on battery LED strings, tealight candles with red, yellow, blue, green, pink globes, wax candle battery operated leds, heart-shaped submersible lights, crystal-look 12cm led balls, led fairy lights in various coloured strings, led string lights with feathers, glass beads, flowers, stars and droplets

Flowers - new design of nylon led water lotus, and hanging flower ball lanterns!

Glass Designs - Teardrop shape glass tealight candle holders, glass bottle lanterns, and glass wedding and party candles in champagne and martini glasses - perfect for weddings and hens parties! Glass cyrstal hanging beads and droplets!

Party Decorations - Garlands, felt hearts for hanging and placemats/coasters, decorated party tinsels, paper daisies, stars, coloured and clear water bubble beads. Satin and organza rolls of ribbon for hanging lanterns and decorations! Floating white paper box lanterns!
Hanging birdcage tealight candle holders!

Lanterns - Japanese paper and bamboo lanterns in 2 colours, hanging feather ball lanterns, Hanging metal heart lanterns, metal ball lanterns, morroccan style hanging and table lanterns, hanging glass lanterns, black lace-look deluxe paper lanterns and Xmas style tinsel lanterns!
12cm size paper lanterns arriving in white and red - perfect for the LED string 12.
We are also increasing the colour range of the paper lanterns. Adding: charcoal, latte/beige, cherry red, and metallics in silver and gold!

More 30cm nylon LED white lanterns are arriving, as these are currently out of stock.
New prints in the paper lanterns - and …..

Very exciting …..we have designed our own wedding/engagement party paper lantern with matching toilet paper rolls! I can’t wait to see these!

A big thankyou to the team in Brisbane, working very hard every day sending out your orders while I’m away!

See you all soon!

I will be posting more pics soon, and also on our Facebook page!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paper Lanterns for home decor

Paper lanterns can also make a stunning feature for your home decorating. Featured here are our white 50cm paper lanterns.
A big thankyou to Andrew from Sydney for sending me the pictures - the lanterns look amazing in your home! Congratulations, and I'm sure these pictures will give some inspiration to many others!

The white round paper lanterns come in 5 sizes, so there will be a size suitable for any area of your home!
In this large 50cm diametre size, other colours currently available at Lanternshop - yellow, orange, red, pink, green, purple, bright blue, black - something to suit everyone.

I will also be adding more colours to the range soon when I visit China.

All colours and sizes held in our Australian warehouse ready for immediate dispatch with free shipping for orders over $50.00

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paper Lantern Colours!

In our round paper lantern range we currently have over 20 colours!
White, ivory, baby pink, pink, musk pink, fuscia pink, bright pink, magenta, red, cream, dark cream, mango sorbet, yellow, orange, light purple, purple, sky blue, blue, bright blue, saphire blue, green, emerald, chocolate, silver/grey, black!

There's a lantern colour to suit every occasion and party theme - but I'm thinking of adding more .....

As you probably are already aware, I will be back in China next month, and I'm sure I'll be back with a couple of extra colours. I'm in love with everything Cherry right now, so this is on this list! Any other suggestions?
I have many many great new items to look at too, and I can't wait to introduce them to the Australian market!

In the meantime, happy wedding and party planning!

Stock held in our Australian warehouse ready for immediate dispatch.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Pretty!

Usually I share pictures with you all of lanterns featured in parties or weddings, but today I thought I'd show you another way to decorate with lanterns.

(image from

So soft and pretty, these white paper lanterns perfectly fill the corner space in this little girls bedroom!

You too can get this look with the white irregular ribbed paper lanterns shown in the picture, or you could use regular round paper lanterns. I think it also would look nice with the silk lanterns in a white or powder pink too!

All lanterns in stock and available at - we deliver anywhere in Australia!

Happy Decorating!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wedding Inspiration - Parasols

Wanting to add a splash of colour to your wedding???

These coloured parasols are the perfect accessory to these bright and fun dresses! Great for Spring and Summer weddings. Not only do they look fabulous, but they will also keep the wedding party a little bit cooler, by providing shade from our harsh Australian sun!

At Lanternshop, we have both paper and nylon parasols, in plain designs and with print. Available in many colours.

Pictured here with my buddah, is a collage of the full colour range of the nylon parasols. The most popular colours this season - white, dark pink, mango yellow and red!

I'm heading back to China in the next few months, so if you have any requests of a particular colour or style or parasol or wedding decoration you are needing, please email us.

I'm thinking of chocolate parasols for autumn or winter .......

wedding image from here, collage pictures taken by myself.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chocolate lanterns - wedding inspiration!

Happy Valentines Day!! For me, when I think of Valentines Day, I think of chocolate! (actually, I'm always thinking of chocolate)!

Chocolate paper lanterns are a great alternative to the traditional colour palettes. Here's something to inspire you - I love this combination of chocolate, orange and white. This combination has a warm, romantic feel, and not only great for a summer wedding or party, these colours would also be perfect for Autumn and Winter weddings ..... the possibilities are endless!

Image from Angela Anderson Photography

You can create this look with the traditional round paper lanterns

or, for something a little different, we now have in stock these stunning irregular ribbed bamboo framed paper lanterns.

All lanterns in stock at